Cloud Accounting

Scaling Up Into The Cloud – Seven Reasons Why Your Business Should Run on Cloud Accounting Software

Automation and digitisation are major trends in scaling up companies. Streamlining your processes goes a long way towards building a successful, investable company. Very real progress in the field of cloud accounting is enabling business owners to do more, faster [...]

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Looking at Xero plug-ins

Whether you are on your way to convert to Xero or maybe already on board with running this beautiful accounting software, there are a lot of other add-ons to help optimize your accounting procedures and ensure time-saving within your business. [...]

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June Thought Piece: Rise of the machine – how machine learning is enabling accountants to move from record keepers to strategic advisors for entrepreneurs

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are two major buzzwords of late. Progress in this field of technology will undoubtedly alter the world as we know it in decades to come. Very real progress in the field of cloud accounting [...]

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