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Thought piece – Unpacking the Tech Start-up and Scale-up Investor Landscape in SA

Getting access to the right seed and growth finance is critical to the success of most emerging technology companies. But finding the right investor can be a daunting task for any founding team. Different mandates, big egos, various terms, long [...]

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Section 12J Venture Capital

Section 12J Venture Capital Companies incentive now more attractive than ever Over the last years, a lot of attention has been focused on the support for SME-sized companies. Most believe, government included, that the key to unlocking economic growth is [...]

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From Tech to Tech Start-up

5 steps to turning South African technologies into world class technology companies World Famous financier JP Morgan threw caution and his father’s risk avoidance advice to the wind when he made his first notable venture investment into start-up inventor Thomas [...]

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