Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (PERA) 2016

The Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards 2016 is the fourth edition of an annual competition that recognizes the achievements and potential of some of the Province’s most exciting entrepreneurs. By acknowledging and showcasing successful entrepreneurs, this Awards programme is helping to build a culture of entrepreneurship in the Western Cape – and in turn, support the creation of opportunities by small and medium businesses.

In 2016, the awards take the format of eleven categories, each with three podium spots. Finalists are chosen from hundreds of entries based on achievement, influence and impact, with an impressive judging panel making the decisions on who takes the gold.

We are proud and excited to announce that Outsourced CFO is among the three finalists for Top Emerging Company in the province! It is an honour for our team to be represented among this elite group of entrepreneurial companies that are doing some amazing things! Finalists will be celebrated and winners announced at a prestigious private event on the 23rd of November. Best of luck to fellow category finalists, Proficient Power Systems and For Good Food. We look forward to this celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit of our province with government, industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs.

Glenheim Goes Global

Although Silicon Valley still outstrips the rest by a long shot, it, New York and Boston currently represent 70% of the world’s venture capital. However, Glenheim’s visits and engagements overseas are proving that some venture capitalists are beginning to take a global view. This is great news for all of us in the entrepreneurship environment in Cape Town.

During a talk at Harvard University on Monday, South Africa’s Section 12J incentive was touched on, as well as the growing environment in Cape Town for start-ups. Time magazine recently described Cape Town as “economically thriving” and Glenheim’s Managing Director, Garreth Bloor, fielded a number of questions around the policy reforms he drove as the city’s head of economic development. Growing the eco-system in Cape Town could result in increased deal flow to South African investors, benefitting many more than just entrepreneurs.

Glenheim visited a number of incubators in Europe. German and Middle East-based companies who would have otherwise not looked to South African investors have changed their course, now approaching Glenheim’s network. Furthermore, it appears OCFO’s innovative service is as relevant overseas as it is here in Cape Town.

Outsourced Space will play host to Wharton and Harvard business students visiting OCFO and Glenheim in January next year. We look forward to hosting them, and extending the visibility and opportunity in the South African economy.

ASI Financial Services

Outsourced CFO is proud to announce a new partnership with ASI Financial Services. We believe this will add value to our client base and network. ASI is an outcomes-based advisory service-provider of the highest integrity with the sole purpose of bringing financial wellness to both the employer and employee.

Consulting to top entrepreneurs and the CEOs of South Africa’s best-known companies, ASI makes use of specialized structures and modern technology to provide a one of a kind service: for elite SMMEs and large corporates alike, ASI creates tailored single-point-of-contact solutions that simplify financial wellness for employees, and adds significant value to employers. This includes a seamless integration across everything from retirement funds and share portfolios to medical aids and financial planning advice. In client reporting, by utilizing actuarial science, behavioral economics and the latest technology, ASI’s business intelligence unit consolidates and analyzes information to identify inefficiencies, erroneous costs and exposure to risks.

ASI currently helps both ourselves and our clients to access investment structures normally only reserved for institutional investors, save costs on structured products as well as managing our risks and employee benefits. Their integrity and offering is something that no entrepreneurial company should have to go without.

For more information on local and global investment, group risk, employee wellness, retirement planning, medical aid and gap cover, short term insurance and more, contact for a direct introduction to the ASI team.


We are very excited to share that the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) have just partnered with FinTech Circle Innovate. This powerful strategic partnership is geared towards harnessing the potential of FinTech in a move that aims to focus-on and fast-track leading-edge FinTech and entrepreneurial development in Africa.

The close strategic fit is evident when you consider that both organisations are leaders in innovation in their regions who understand how progressive enterprise businesses or public/ private partnerships can stimulate talent and innovation. Based in London, FinTech Circle Innovate are world-class industry leaders in FinTech strategy, incubation models and investment. Based in Cape Town, CiTi has a long-standing history as the most experienced incubator in Africa.

“Africa is showing the world how FinTech is not just about displacing or enabling traditional financial services, but that it has huge potential to stimulate key economic sectors such as agriculture, retail and energy. It is our belief that sustainable innovation comes from collaboration between incumbent players and emerging or new world business models.”

– Nicole Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder of FinTech Circle Innovate