Meet Nooraan Shaik, our resident wonder woman. Responsible for many things from business development to recruitment, Nooraan has been adding value in more ways than one can count from the very start. Here’s a little more about Nooraan:

Nooraan, which means ‘a beautiful light’ in Arabic, was raised in Port Shepstone by two incredibly loving parents, who are to this day her inspiration and motivation. Furthermore, she is a part of an extremely close-knit and supportive family. Her slightly taller but younger brother is studying at UCT, and her older sister is a CA in London. Nooraan started her career earning an impressive academic track record in everything from public policy to social development to industrial sociology. She graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2014 with an Honours Degree in Public Policy.

Having grown up surrounded by blue-flag beaches in a small coastal town, moving to Cape Town to attend UCT was a slight culture shock, which Nooraan handled admirably. There she proudly learned more than her coursework, in awareness, respect, and perspective.

After putting her profile onto a grad website when close to turning 23 years old, Nooraan received a phone call from Louw and Dana. She went for her interview at the Bandwidth Barn, and to this day still considers the interview the best conversation she has ever had with two strangers. This gave way to a position that has grown with the company, bringing us to where we are now.

Nooraan is vital to the lifeblood of OCFO: youth, ambition, integrity and respect. When asked what brings her job satisfaction, Nooraan replied, “A little bit of everything. But I do especially love seeing the people around me thriving in their positions, taking their roles on boldly, with ownership and pride. Personally – 25, growing, learning every day, about life, business, different aspects, technically and as a young person, …it’s pretty awesome.” The fit really matters, which Nooraan only further evidences in the close and unique attachments she shares with every employee. With aims to empower both herself and others at OCFO, Nooraan enjoys working on different engagements within business development and management.

With time, Nooraan wants to see OCFO reach its limitless potential, wants to travel and experience the world, and wants to have a good and wholesome family life. Getting onto this wonder woman’s good side is the best way to go for anyone that hopes to join the OCFO team.