To better paint a picture of the nature of Outsourced CFO and Glenheim’s relationship, let’s start at the very beginning. Outsourced CFO is a financial management boutique that enables meaningful business growth. A team of OCFOs render a technical and visionary financial management function service to the leaders of ambitious SMEs.

On the one hand, you have OCFOs – talented, passionate and purpose-driven Chartered Accountants and Professional Accountants who are each working on a wide and dynamic portfolio of different clients. Through Outsourced CFO, they have the unique opportunity to manage their own portfolio whilst surrounded by a full team of other financial professionals who can offer additional input and inspiration when required.

Outsourced CFO offer three distinct packages that service the three major themes of business: Performance, Growth, and Eminence. In order to suit a client’s predominant needs and available resources, these packages are set at different prices, and include different levels of time and thought leadership input.

A financial professional is ranked as either an Insightful, Heavyweight or Visionary OCFO. This depends on their existing qualifications, skill level and work history. They continue to take on Performance, Growth or Eminence clients respectively.

On the other hand, you have Leadership – ambitious, industrious and committed entrepreneurs (and the like) who are leading their own SMEs. Through Outsourced CFO, they have access to critical, informed and high level financial and strategic inputs sooner than ever before.

With an emphasis on integrity, excellence and uncompromising quality, a meaningful relationship is formed between the two parties, Leader and OCFO. Consider the two a Duo. Together, irrespective of the package chosen and no matter the timeline, they work towards achieving business eminence.

Outsourced CFO has a unique and powerful three-step process that enables its OCFOs to systematically progress towards business eminence: Rethink, Automate, and Scale. All whilst following best business practice, the Duo work together to explore and analyse every element of the business’ current financial situation and identify and rectify any immediate pain points (Rethink), before then meticulously streamlining the business’ operations and unlocking, and enabling, growth in the business (Automate).

The aim of the third step in this process is to achieve value-driven, flexible and competitive business eminence. The Duo work together to, within informed and calculated financial parameters, build a sustainable growth model and strategically scale-up the company at hand. It is at this third step (Scale) that Outsourced CFO and Glenheim form a magical pair.

Glenheim is able to marshal the process for the most promising cases from the very start and, with this guidance, the three (OCFO, Leader, and Glenheim) are able to work together towards creating a truly realistic, powerful and promising investment-ready business case for the SME. Glenheim is spared the concern around quality control because, from a financial perspective, these Investees are readily equipped and have a plan to make clever use of local and international capital. And, from a leadership perspective, these Investees are perfectly positioned to match investor mandates of an international standard, having already met extensive preset due diligence and investment readiness requirements through their work with Outsourced CFO and Glenheim

This strategic partnership is aimed at making it easier for likeminded individuals to do good through doing business.