youth entrepreneurBeing green (or young) is often seen as a disadvantage; wisdom comes with age, they say. Well, we’d like to say that we’ve have found that, in business, youthful energy, innovation and enthusiasm are some of the biggest advantages we could ask for, and can be translated into business success.

Green, then, really is gold!

We cannot get by with youthful passion alone. Add these great building blocks that I’ve found useful to it, and watch your business thrive.

Learn, baby, learn!

Do whatever you can to keep your grey matter engaged. Follow industry news and events and learn from other entrepreneurs. Study and get the right qualifications for your industry. People forget how old (young) you are once they see you know what you are talking about and have the qualifications to back what you are doing.

Networking worksyouth entrepreneur

See those business breakfasts and evening networking sessions as investments in your business. It is (often free!) marketing and dare not be neglected. And, please, do follow up on your coffee dates and appointments. Much work will come from these sessions.

Play the man, not the ball

People love talking about themselves. It’s hard to not always push your own agenda and promote your own business. It’s a better idea however to find out what the other person needs first by letting them speak about themselves, and then you will have a better understandingof how you can help them.

Let the web work for you

Got a website? So what. Everyone does. Your website only matters if people can find you on the first page of Google. So make sure your website is Search Engine Optimised – invest a bit of money in getting it done well and your website will work for you even while you are sleeping.

Become an industry thought leaderyouth entrepreneur

Have an opinion, write blogs and articles, chase those publications, get those talks and do the free workshops. Bit by bit, keep trying to position yourself as a leader in your industry and the work will follow. Plus, you get great credibility when clients see your thoughts printed in credible publications.

Keep on playing

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You have to make a real effort to keep the fun and spark alive when all you are seeing is bottom line and deadlines! Keep the dream and ideal alive by lifting your head once in a while and celebrating small successes, having a team break-away, even if it’s just ordering pizza on a Friday!

I firmly believe that young entrepreneurs are where the future of our economic growth is at, and the future looks bright! I’m proud to stand shoulder to shoulder beside you as we face this brave new world together.